Vous avez besoin de conseils pour recruter un agent commercial découvrez la philosophie du recrutement d'agents commerciaux de Balland Consultants.
Balland Consultants
Looking for agents, distributors, partners
"Increase your sales in France through the right distribution or representation partnership"

Balland Consultants specializes in connecting manufacturers or dealers with sales agents, reps, brokers, distributors, wholesalers, and principals as well as with manufacturers of complementary products or services for representation agreements throughout France.

The core of our policy relies upon a tangible grip of the marketplace of France stemming from our prized databases continually updated with the potential "right" partner for your business. Each partner is carefully screened with a proven track record of performance and is classified according to his/her product range, typical customer base and regional coverage.

Our assets
  • Expertise in the French market in a variety of fields since our establishment in 1991,
  • Unique databases of sales agents and distributors, continually updated for reliability and quality assurance,
  • Helping your company analyze its needs and shaping a personalized strategy of sales development on French soil,
  • Team of experienced consultants accustomed to handling international business.
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