Vous avez besoin de conseils pour recruter un agent commercial découvrez la philosophie du recrutement d'agents commerciaux de Balland Consultants.
Balland Consultants
Looking for in-house sales staff
"We do not recruit sales people as we recruit engineers or accountants."

Specific identification and assessment means need to be implemented by qualified and well-established professionals.

Since 1991, Balland Consultants' expertise has relied upon 4 pillars:

  • A team of 6 field proven consultants combining both a commercial professional background as well as human resources qualifications,
  • Specific in-house methods and identification tools adapted to the recruitment of sales staff: databases, head hunting, networking, job boards...
  • Specific methods and assessment tools enabling a candidate's screening based on criteria unique to any reliable sales representative and to the company requirements,
  • A proven 15-year history based on successful recruitment and strategy implementation achieved in all parts of France, both for local and foreign companies in any area of expertise and at every level of the commercial hierarchy.
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